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We are seeking all ethnicities (unless specified on the role breakdown) and highly encourage individuals of all genders, sexualities, shapes and sizes, and neurodiversities to audition.


Must be local to Chicago; if not, must be willing to work as a Chicago local. No travel or accommodations will be covered. Callbacks will be in person. 

Rates: Listed with roles

Usage: Sizzle reel content for new queer, dating docuseries. Will be used for marketing purposes to pitch and sell the show. 


Logline: “It’s Not You, It’s Me” (INYIM) follows three queer, Chicago bachelors-of-color as they re-embark into the dating scene, while receiving expert guidance on healthy relationships, sex, and vulnerability. They're also receiving clinical coaching and support to unpack baggage from previous relationships so that they don’t take them into the new ones they’re beginning to build.



This entire project is what we like to call “guided improv.” We’ve created a structure for characters we’d like to represent, but the audition and filming will be completely improvised, so what makes our characters real people are the details that our actors can put into their backstory. Characters will respond authentically and according to how they are treated in scenes, and that can only ring true based on the depth of backstory and honesty that our actors bring to the characters – for the honesty lies in the details. 


This show is a character-driven show that’s great for improv and/or Standardized Patient actors, as we’re looking for creatives that can work with two important sides of their brain – the education side, and the performer side.

Select the role that you feel you are best suited for. The ethnicities are who we’d like to represent, but if you feel that you fit the other listed specs outside of the listed ethnicity, that’s okay. 

For your audition, create an interesting, well-rounded, honest character based on the breakdown details provided and answer the questions below. It doesn’t matter if you answer questions to a reader or directly into the camera. If you choose to audition with a reader, please interact with them conversationally so that we can see your personality. If you read alone, that’s okay too; feel free to talk directly to camera.

All actors must be comfortable with on-screen, same sex kissing. All actors will be required to take a Covid test prior to filming.

Break a leg!





SHAREEF (HE/HIM): Middle Eastern or Asian descent. Male-identifying, femme-presenting. 50+ years old. Introverted, slight in build, nerdy/geeky. PRINCIPAL.


He is a successful, well-established immigrant originally from the United Arab Emirates/Seoul. He married a woman when he was young and has 2 adult children. He and his family moved to the US where he started his own consulting firm. After a few years, he came to terms with his sexuality and came out to his family, which resulted in his divorce. The years that followed brought liberation and self-discovery in the LGBTQ and kink communities, as well as struggles to get sober and lead a healthy life after an unexpected HIV diagnosis. His greatest joy has been his 20-year (open/polyamourous) marriage to the love of his life, Harry, who he tragically lost 3 years ago. 


After some extreme highs and lows, Shareef is dealing with the fact that he’s never really been alone before. These past 3 years, he’s been trying to fight his way out of loneliness and back to reconnection with his kids and communities. Now he also wants companionship, whatever that may look like. But he’s finding the dating scene is nothing like he remembers from back in his day. 


Rate: $250/12. 3 - 4 days of filming in Chicagoland. Must be comfortable with on-screen, same sex kissing. All actors will be required to take a Covid test prior to filming.

MARCO (THEY/THEM): Mexican/Latinx descent. Non-binary identifying. 32-38 years old. Extroverted, plus-size, intelligent/brilliant.  PRINCIPAL.

Marco was born male and raised as a boy in a big Catholic, Mexican/Latino family. They were in elementary school when they broke their shyness and their silence and began expressing their gender on their own terms. Their bold style and personality immediately became a source of self-empowerment, but also a target for others’ hatred. Bullying in childhood was followed by fetishizing in adulthood. 


Marco struggles to find partners who appreciate their fluidity without shame. Most of their sexual and romantic connections have been kept secret. As a plus-size person, they struggle to maintain confidence in their body and maintain their health. They’ve gotten into sex work as a way of regaining self-esteem. They also balance full-time work as a graphic designer. 


They’re looking for someone who can appreciate all they have to offer. Their courage, creativity, and generosity are their favorite assets. But unraveling family baggage and getting truly vulnerable are always major obstacles.

Rate: $250/12. 3 - 4 days of filming in Chicagoland. Must be comfortable with on-screen, same sex kissing. All actors will be required to take a Covid test prior to filming.



BRANDON (HE/HIM): African American. Male-identifying, masculine presenting. 20 - 25 years old. Physically fit, charming, and knows it. PRINCIPAL.

Brandon says he can pull anyone he wants, so he publicly pursues women and gets plenty of hookups with guys through apps. He’s not usually looking for strings attached. And he doesn’t bottom, ever. To him, there’s a real conflict between being a strong, Black man and being an openly bi…or gay man. 


Whatever the case, he keeps it simple with other guys: he either wants a quick, hot hookup or an older “Daddy” to lavish him with gifts. He doesn’t make much money at his tech company, so he has no qualms about letting a rich older man give him a watch or a vacation. 


He was in a complicated down-low relationship for 5 years, and when people in his life found out, he lost some of his closest connections. His charm and his looks get him a lot of offers of friendship, but he’s wary of letting anyone too close. He spends a lot of his time working out, hiking, and picking up other physical activities to improve his physique and maintain his mental health. It brings him peace. 


Now, Brandon thinks he might be steady enough to find a bona fide relationship. He wants to be happy, but can he let go of his fear of stigma and let someone in?


Rate: $250/12. 3 - 4 days of filming in Chicagoland. Must be comfortable with on-screen, same sex kissing. All actors will be required to take a Covid test prior to filming.



Seeking same-gender loving, male-identifying individuals, ages 18-60. Open to all ethnicities, body types, disabilities, and other diversities. These folx will be sent on dates across the city of Chicago with our Eligible Bachelors. Must be open to receiving clinical coaching and support on camera. SUPPORTING.


Rate: $200/12. 1 day of filming in Chicagoland. Must be comfortable with on-screen, same sex kissing. All actors will be required to take a Covid test prior to filming.




Chosen Family is defined as “nonbiological kinship bonds, whether legally recognized or not, deliberately chosen for the purpose of mutual support and love.” Basically, these are the people who understand, uplift, celebrate, help, and love our Eligible Bachelors, even without biological ties. But in this case, we’re also open to Biological Family members, if anyone is so inclined.


All Ages, Ethnicities, Body-types, Genders. These folx will be the support system and familial foundation for our Eligible Bachelors. Advising them, whether in a healthy and hands-off way or highly-opinionated and hands-on, on their dating journey. Chosen family will be interviewed on camera on the opinions of chosen DATES as well as their relationships with the Eligible Bachelors. Rate: $100/half day. 1 day of filming in Chicagoland. All actors will be required to take a Covid test prior to filming.




  • Submit a dating profile video as your audition (Eligible Bachelors – as the character breakdown, and Chicago Singles – create a character or simply submit as yourselves). Answer the following questions: 


  1. What’s your name? Where are you from?

  2. What do you like to do in your free time?

  3. Can you see yourself on a dating reality show? And why?

(choose up to 5 questions)

  1. How do you feel you best establish connection with people?

  2. How important is therapy and/or mental health awareness in your life and your relationships?

  3. How would you describe your flirting style (physical, traditional, polite, sincere, or playful)? Then, give us your best flirty face.

  4. Describe the kind of relationship you’re looking for or would like to have. How are you finding it?

  5. Who do you go to for advice or trust with info on your dating life?

  6. Who do you go to for advice or trust with info on your dating life?

  7. How important is sex in a relationship?

  8. Who makes up your immediate (chosen) family or support system?

  9. Was your last relationship a BOP or a FLOP, and why?

  10. What do you believe to be important about having a deeper connection with someone?




Submit a video (either create a character or audition as yourself) and answer the following questions in reference to one of the three ELIGIBLE BACHELORS listed above.


  1. What’s your name? Where are you from? 

  2. Tell us your history with your loved one. How do you know them? How’d you meet? What qualities do you admire about them or find they need help with or improvement on?

  3. Share your favorite memory about your loved one.

(choose up to 5 questions)

  1. In your eyes, what does their dating record look like?

  2. What is one of their strengths when it comes to love? What’s one of their weaknesses?

  3. What type of person could you see your loved one ending up with?

  4. What’s your biggest desire for your loved one?

  5. If you could pick the perfect match for your loved one, what qualities would that person have?

  6. Why do you think their previous relationships didn’t work out? 

  7. How do you think your loved one could benefit from the practice of therapy? 

  8. Do you believe your bachelor could achieve that type of relationship?

  9. Do you think your loved one can find love through the process of this journey?




If filming on your phone, turn it horizontally (sideways). 

Make sure you are well lit from the front (no backlighting) and that we can clearly hear and see you. 

Please have your camera on a tripod and/or sitting steady as you record. 

Feel free to use and interact with your reader as we’re looking for natural conversations; if you don’t have a reader, that’s okay - just answer conversationally. 


Please submit the following: 

  • Headshot

  • Current closeup photo

  • Resume

  • Links to reels or scenes (if applicable)

  • Audition video




  • VIDEO FILE LABELING: Please send your scenes/takes as one clip. Label your video file using this format:

ROLE_First Last Name.fileformat (ie. CHICAGO SINGLE_John Smith.mp4)

  • Please use HANDBRAKE or any other video compressor to shrink your video files before uploading.

  • Send all materials via WeTransfer to

Audition Submission Form

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