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Mask4Masc is a dating docuseries currently in pre-production as we gear up to begin filming Valentine's Day 2023. This reality tv pilot will follow three diverse, Chicago bachelors as they navigate the dating scene. They’ll receive expert guidance on healthy connections, vulnerability, and sex as they unpack baggage and trauma from previous relationships as to not take them into the new ones they’re working to forge.


Navigated with care, intention, and purpose rather than exploitation of our bachelors, Mask4Masc will aide in building healthier and joyful relationships that are set to their own pace; show that queer relationships don’t always have to be forged on a “sex first, names later” basis, and create a safe haven to acquire tools for seeking and maintaining deeper connections (and maybe even find love along the way) in a time when it's desired most.



Submit a self-taped video by uploading to your social media (YouTube, Facebook, and/or Instagram) and copy the URL link in the form below. Or send via WeTransfer to


In your video, start by first telling us your Name and Current Relationship Status.

Then answer 8 questions -- the first 5 are required, the last 3 are your choice:


1. What do you like to do in your free time?

2. Can you see yourself on a dating reality show? And why?

3. How do you feel you best establish connection with people? 

4. How important is therapy and/or mental health awareness in your life and your relationships? 

5. How would you describe your flirting style (physical, traditional, polite, sincere, or playful)? Then, give us your best flirty face.

6. Describe the kind of relationship you’re looking for or would like to have. How are you finding it? 

7. Who do you go to for advice or trust with info on your dating life?

8. How important is sex in a relationship? 

9. Who makes up your immediate (chosen) family or support system?

10. Was your last relationship a BOP or a FLOP?



Please make sure we can clearly hear you and see you. Be yourself. Show us your personality. Be honest. And most of all, have fun!


We look forward to meeting you!

Audition Submission Form

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